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CONSCIOUS consumption
for the MIND & BODY



What does this mean for you?


I offer one-on-one nutrition and wellness coaching for individuals who are interested in building a sustainable, balanced lifestyle.

 What is my approach?


Holistic and bio-individual

(specific to you and your needs).



Looking to scale your brand and reach a global audience but not sure

where to begin? 

I offer one-on-one social media consulting sessions to break down the in's and out's of digital marketing: from building an audience, to content creation, strategic brainstorming, and cultivating the aesthetic, growth, and brand vision of your dreams without the stress.


"Ashley has completely transformed my mind & body within 3 months. Our work together is the epitome of 'trust the process.' She integrated small, sustainable shifts that enabled me to make BIG changes without feeling super overwhelmed. Before I knew it, I was less anxious in social settings, I stopped counting calories, my confidence improved, and my habits were inspiring the people around me to eat healthier too. If you're hitting a wall with your wellness goals and need guidance, I can't recommend Ashley's sessions enough - I've even referred a few of my close friends to her and they feel the same way. My only regret is not setting aside the time do this sooner."

“Before working with Ashley, I didn't really trust myself around food. I constantly felt guilty after eating and was so vulnerable to hopping on the next diet trend. In just a few months, Ashley has empowered me to feel confident with my food choices. She's taught me how to eat more mindfully, leaving me to make food choices that help me feel great. I know what a healthy balance looks like for MY lifestyle and body. Our work together is making me physically stronger while mentally liberating me from toxic thoughts around food and body image. The transformation is

palpable to me and those around me!”

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